Hello, I'm Corrina! (From Liverpool in England)

Hi everyone!

How are you?

This is my first time to write in my diary. I want to tell you about my

recent experience...

Last weekend, I made a new friend. She is Japanese but she lives in my

hometown, Liverpool. Please look at my picture: we are standing together

in front of one of Liverpool's most famous buildings, The Liver Building.

At first, my friend spoke English to me. But, I thought this is a

rare chance for me to try Japanese, so I found some courage and spoke


Together we ate a traditional English lunch. Please look at my picture.

This is called "Ploughman's lunch." A Ploughman is someone who works in

the fields.

Then we went to the River Mersey festival. The River Mersey is very

important for Liverpool because it helped our city trade and grow. Each

year, there is a river festival, and the atmosphere is very cheerful.

Please look at my pictures: there were many boats, characters from the sea,

and water entertainment too.

When we were walking around the festival, my friend and I spoke in English

and Japanese, and we talked about ourselves and our cultures. It was

really fun to speak another language and talk about Japan and England.

Why don't you try to talk about yourself and your culture in another

language? It seems hard at first, but it is so interesting and

rewarding. If I can do it in Japanese, you can do it in English!

I hope you had a nice weekend too. See you again next time!