Challenges and Rewards


Hi, everyone!

How are you today? Is it the rainy season there in Japan? It has been

warm and then suddenly cold in England. It's raining cats and dogs today!

Last weekend I joined an event that I want to tell you about...

The first time I went to Japan, I went with the JET (Japan Exchange and

Teaching) Programme. The programme sends people from many countries around

the world to Japan to promote international, cultural, and

language exchange. On JET, I was teaching English in junior high schools

and it was a wonderful and valuable experience for me.

Now I'm back in the UK, I have joined the JET Alumni Association. This is

a community for people who have worked on JET and returned to their home

countries but still want to keep connections with Japan and other people

who worked on JET.

On Saturday night, there was a JET Alumni Association event in a Japanese

restaurant in Liverpool. The event was a chance for ex-JET participants to

give advice to new teachers going out to Japan this year. It was the first

JET Alumni Association event I'd been to and I was nervous because I didn't

know anyone, however, I felt it was worth trying it. I met some

interesting people, had delicious sushi, and made a couple of new friends

in Liverpool. Please look at my picture at the top of the page...

I feel lucky and so pleased to meet other people who have experienced

Japan and now live in my hometown, Liverpool. By meeting these

lovely people, I felt I've been rewarded for being brave and

challenging something new by myself.

Everyone, please have confidence in yourself because you will surely be

rewarded for your efforts. What new thing are you going to challenge in

the near future?

Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️