Edinburgh travel and Japanese test



Hi, everyone!

How have you been? Have you done anything nice lately? Has the rainy

season passed?

Last weekend I went to Edinburgh with my sister. Edinburgh is in Scotland,

and the atmosphere there, I think, is so different and special. Whilst

walking through the steep winding cobbled streets of Edinburgh and seeing

beautiful, traditional landmarks is like stepping back into the past, there

is also a modern, progressive, and energetic feel to the city too. In

particular, there are plenty of bright and cheerful independent shops and

art galleries as well as the big national museums where you can brush up on

history, geography, and learn about other cultures. Learning about

Tibetian prayer wheels was of interest to me as we don't have anything

similar in British culture.




There is also a vast array of food to choose from in

Edinburgh: traditionally roasted British meat especially caught my eye, but

I was pleased to be able to eat authentic Japanese food too.

Please have a look at my pictures so you too can get a feel of Edinburgh.


Actually, the purpose of my trip was to take a Japanese proficiency exam.

It is held all over the world in July and August every year, but there are

only two places we can take the exam in the UK. Those places are London

and Edinburgh. The exam was extremely demanding, but it was something good

to challenge because I learnt a lot of new grammar and vocabulary. Whether

I pass or fail the exam, I can feel my Japanese ability has improved

because I studied for the exam. I noticed that seeing ourselves improve is

something that can bring us satisfaction and a sense of achievement: I got

excited when I read the greeting in the menu in the Japanese restaurant in

Edinburgh and understood grammar that I'd studied recently! A positive

side effect of studying towards an exam is that it enables us to become

aware of our own progress, achievement, and growth.

Is there anything you've done recently that has brought you satisfaction or

a sense of achievement? If so, I'd love to hear about it...

I hope you're all well and will look forward to next time.

Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️