Celebrating vintage in Liverpool


How are you? I heard it has been hot and humid in Japan. Are you all

coping? As for Liverpool, the weather is very changeable: hot then

cold, humid then dry. It's difficult to get used to it.

Last weekend, my friends introduced me to a new kind of cafe in Liverpool.

At this cafe, all the drinks and snacks are free! You can help yourself.

You just pay for the length of time you stay in the cafe: 1 minute costs 8

pence. If you eat and drink enough, it's definitely cheaper than regular

cafes. I liked this style a lot. Do you have this kind of cafe in Japan




After the cafe, we walked around the docklands because there was a festival

there. The name of the festival was "Vintage on the Docks", and

it celebrated old customs, games, clothes, vehicles, etc. A traditional

double decker bus had been converted into a bar, and people were performing

old-style dancing. My friends and I played ping pong and learned

Charleston dancing. Charleston dancing was popular in the 1920s, and

I really enjoyed trying it. It was invigorating.



It felt good to learn about, and celebrate, our traditions and things from

the past. Do you have these kind of vintage celebrations in Japan too? If

so, please tell me about them...

I hope you are all well, and I'll see you again next time.

Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️