A wonderful meet-up in London after 14 years



Hi, everyone!

How are you? Did you have a nice weekend? I travelled to the south of

England because some of my ex-students from Japan are there now. I spent

one day in London, and one day in Cambridge. Let me tell you about London


I went there to see a lady who I taught English to when she was a junior

high school student. We hadn't met for 14 years so it was amazing to be

able to see her in my homecountry! Despite never leaving her hometown

before, she has come to England alone and is studying English in London:

I really respect her courage.

We started our day with a traditional brunch at The Troubadour, a famous

cafe and club where singers such as Bob Dylan, Keith Moon, and Charlie

Watts started their careers in this country. Recently, Adele and Ed

Sheeran have also played gigs there. I am actually named after the song

"Corrina Corrina" by Bob Dylan so it felt special and exciting to be in the

place he started his career in my homecountry.

After brunch we walked around London, passing through beautiful

streets and St. James' park before calling in at London's famous department

stores, Harrods and Liberty. Though it was much too expensive and I

couldn't buy anything, I liked Liberty because it was so traditional and

quaint both inside and outside. (You can see a picture of the beautiful

streets at the top of this article, and the pictures at the bottom of this

article show the entrance to St. James' park, and Liberty department store.)

The only way to finish our day was of course to have a beer and food in a

pub. My student and I talked nostalgically about her school days. At that

time, we were teacher and student and we couldn't communicate well in each

other's native languages. However, 14 years later, here we were, in

England, spending time as friends and communicating in each others'


How wonderful learning a language can be! It truly opens the world up and

brings such wonderful opportunities. I hope more people will use their

language skills to step out into the world.

Thank you so much to my ex-student, now my friend, for the wonderful day

and lovely memories together. They are very precious.

Next time, let me tell you about my day in Cambridge. Until then, take

care and continue to enjoy your summer!

Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️