Japan Day North West 2016



How is everyone? The school summer holidays are coming to an end. Have

you been having fun? I had a great time last weekend. Let me tell you

about it...

Did you know that every two years an event called Japan Day is held in the

UK? It is organised by the Japan Society, which consists of mainly British

people who are interested in Japan. The largest Japan Day is in London,

but we also have a Japan Society and a Japan Day in the north west of

England too. I'd often heard about it, but this year was my first time to

actually take part.

Japan Day is held to celebrate allsorts of aspects of Japanese culture. On

the day, we were treated to traditional folk song, koto, and taiko

performances, kendo, kyudo, and aikido demonstrations, as well as having

the chance to sample Japan's famous cuisine, sushi, and homecooking such as

curry and rice. In addition, many people set up stalls to sell Japanese

art, crafts, literature, manga, anime, and so on. In fact, there was also

a Cosplay competition. It really was a vibrant atmosphere and was

a fantastic opportunity to step into "planet Japan", as it is often

called. Look at the pictures at the bottom of the article to feel the

atmosphere of Japan Day.

I was a volunteer at Japan Day and the main activity I helped with was

encouraging children to learn how to use chopsticks. I gave them a

chopstick challenge! The challenge was this: build a foam robot using only

chopsticks! This was quite hard, so the activity also attracted adults.

Those people who could complete the challenge got a certificate. Here is a

picture of one lady with her completed robot and certificate...


In fact, there was another reason for me to be at Japan Day: my mum paints

pictures and her influence comes from Japan, therefore she exhibited her

paintings at Japan Day. She sold two of her paintings, so my family were

really happy! You can see a picture of me with my parents at the top of

this page. Yes, I'm wearing yukata. It was given to me as a present by a

75 year old student in Toyama, and it is one of my treasures.

So, what do you think of the way we celebrate Japanese culture in the UK?

Do you celebrate British culture in Japan too? Why not come to the UK and

take part in Japan Day next time?

Until next week, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️