Japanese conversation afternoon in Liverpool


Hi, everyone!

How are you today? Did you have a nice weekend? I did something fun and

motivating so let me tell you about it...

Now that I live in the UK, I don't have many chances to practice Japanese.

Especially since passing the proficiency test last month, I am determined

to keep up my ability. Do you remember that I went to see my ex-student in

London in July? (Her name is Yoko.) Well, she came to see me in Liverpool

last weekend, and I thought this would be a perfect chance to practice


I gathered some people who have lived in or visited Japan, or

are interested in Japanese culture and the language. (You can see a

picture of some of us at the top of this article.) Together we introduced

Yoko to Scouse, and in return she helped us with our Japanese skills.

The word Scouse has three meanings...

1. A person from Liverpool.

2. The dialect spoken in Liverpool.

3. The local delicacy in Liverpool.

Some people who attended our gathering were Scouse, we spoke some Scouse,

and we also ate Scouse. Here is a picture of the latter...


Does it look nice? It is a kind of stew and is served with pickled

beetroot or red cabbage. Yoko said it reminded her of

"kyuushoku", especially niku jyaga!

After a British-style lunch, we moved to a Japanese-style restaurant. We

enjoyed chatting in English and Japanese whilst having cocktails and

dessert. Yoko also converted our groups' names into kanji. Have a look...


What do you think? It was so interesting and exciting for us British

people to see our names in kanji, and I like the meaning of my name in

Japanese: sweet smelling green flower!

Yoko was typically Japanese and so very generous: she gave us

"omiyage" from Japan, which we all received with great pleasure. (You can

see two of us smiling away with our omiyage at the bottom of this article.)

In return, we were equally British and introduced Yoko to one of our

popular summer drinks, Pimms, which she loved the taste of!

We all learnt something from each other and made new friendships

through communicating in each other's languages. It was a fantastic

experience and so much fun. It really made me want to find more chances to

meet people who are interested in Japan, and motivated me to take more

opportunities to speak Japanese. I want to say a great big thank you to

everyone who participated: it wouldn't have been so successful and pleasant

without every one of you. Let's get together again soon and have

another taste of Japanese culture!

Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️