Halloween at the gymnastics club(ジムクラブでハロウィンゲーム)


Hi, everyone!

It is a little long time no see, isn't it?! How have you been?

I'm sorry that I couldn't write last week: my sister was very unwell so I

wanted to stay with her and help out. She seems to be making a recovery

now, thankfully. How are you and your families? I hope you are all coping

with the change of season.

Can you believe it is October already?! When you think of October, what

springs to mind? Yes, that's right: Halloween! Some of you may already

know that I work part-time coaching gymnastics. My pupils are age 3 ~ 5,

and each month I do a different theme for my classes. This month I decided

to do Halloween of course! Let me tell you what I prepared for the


Firstly, the children had to jump off boxes and try to fly through the

air like vampires and bats. They then had to make their bodies long and

thin like a magic wand and roll down a slope. Next they had to balance and

step on the "clouds" in the sky, being careful not to get caught by the

"ghosts"! Afterwards, they used a "pumpkin" to bowl over lots of Halloween

characters. Have a look at the pictures...



Secondly, the children had to swing through the air like a witch on a

"broom" (actually, it was a climbing rope). They then balanced a black cat

toy on a bat and walked around "witches hats". Next they had to balance

along a bench and then jump over "skeleton bones". Finally, they had to

tiptoe through the "spider's cobweb" and be careful not to get their toes

nibbled by "spiders" in the web! Here's a picture of the spiderweb and

skeleton. (You can see a picture of the full obstacle course at the bottom

of this page.)...


At the end of the month, I'm going to do a "gymnastics trick and treat"! I

will ask each child to remember a gymnastics skill they have learnt this

month. If they can demonstrate it well, I'll give them a little treat and

a certificate. I wonder how well they will do it? I'm looking forward to


How are you going to celebrate Halloween? Please do tell me...

Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️