Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night


Hi, everyone!

How are you today? Did you have a nice weekend? Are the leaves changing

colour and looking beautiful now?

On Saturday November 5th, it was Guy Fawkes Night in England. This is a

traditional festival that dates back to 1605...

In 1605, James the First was the King of England. There was a group of

people who wanted to kill him and they plotted to blow up the Houses of

Parliament (London's Government building) with gunpowder. A man called Guy

Fawkes was given the job to keep the gunpowder safe under the Houses of

Parliament, but he was caught on November 5th and was finally put to death

in January 1606. Here is a picture of Guy Fawkes...


Because King James the First had been saved, the people of England

celebrated by building a bonfire and setting off fireworks. This tradition

has continued and so on November 5th each year we build bonfires and set

off fireworks in every city, town, and village in England. This night is

called Guy Fawkes Night, or simply Bonfire Night. Some people like to cook

food on the bonfire. Jacket potatoes and roast chestnuts are particularly

popular. A cake called "Parkin" is also made around this time of year. It

is made of dried fruits and is quite sticky. However, the symbol of this

season is the apple. It dates back to the time when Romans invaded

Britain, and it is connected to the harvest. Around Guy Fawkes Night

people like to eat Toffee Apples (like the Japanese "ringo ame") but

Chocolate Apples are more popular. I decided to make Chocolate Apples for

my family for the first time this year. Here is a picture...


What do you think? Does apple and chocolate sound like a good match?!

As for my family, my niece has just turned two years old and she gets

a little frightened by loud fireworks, so we ate cake and watched a small

indoor firework in my sister's kitchen instead. (You can see a picture at

the top of this article.)

Autumn is the time to watch fireworks in England but in Japan you watch

them in the summer, don't you? Do you have any special festivals in autumn

in Japan? Please do tell me about them...

Until next time, take care and keep having fun! Best wishes, from Corrina.☺️