A day out in Liverpool


Hi, everyone!

How are you? It has been raining cats and dogs constantly here recently.

Often the rain has turned to ice and we've had heavy hail storms. Can you

see the hailstones in my back garden...?


Despite the weather, I decided to have a day out in Liverpool this

weekend. I started at The World Museum. It is a beautiful building and

stands next to Liverpool Library on one of my favourite streets. (There's

a picture of both the museum and library at the top of this article.) As

the name suggests, The World Museum holds items from around the world, but

their special exhibition at the moment is on animal mummies. I'm

particularly interested in ancient Egypt so I was excited to see this kind

of exhibition. What do you think about this cat mummy?


After the museum, I did some shopping for Christmas and then met my friend

for dinner. We ate at a cafe that sells mostly vegan and vegetarian food.

I ordered a fennel risotto and it came with couscous, beans, pasta, and

salad. It was nice and healthy. Does it sound good? Here's a picture of

me and my friend enjoying our meals...


After saying goodbye to my friend, I walked the streets of Liverpool by

myself and saw one of Liverpool's famous cathedrals. This one is the

Cathedral of Christ the King. Unfortunately you can only see it in the

distance of my picture...


My main aim was to get to the Philharmonic Hall. This is one of

Liverpool's popular venues for music concerts and stand up comedy. Last

night I saw one of Britain's loved comedians. (You can see details of the

show at the bottom of this article.) Though I was on my own, I enjoyed the

show and the people sitting near me welcomed me like we were friends. I

realised there's lots to do here in Liverpool even if you're alone, and

people are friendly and very funny.


Does any of my day out sound appealing? If so, why not come and visit

Liverpool? I'm here waiting to show you around!

Until next time, take care and keep enjoying English! Best wishes, from

Corrina. ☺️