Hi, everyone!

How are you? I heard it's getting colder in Japan. It's pretty cold here

too but no snow yet.

Do you ever feel like you need some time to yourself? Next week we're

going to have a busy week at the gymnastics club and then after that

preparation for Christmas will begin so I decided to take a weekend away by

myself before all the craziness starts!

I went to Edinburgh and stayed in a lovely little B&B (Bed and Breakfast).

Here are pictures of the B&B both inside and outside...




The atmosphere in the house was so Christmassy and the decor was just my

cup of tea (my favourite style) as I love old, wooden, cosy places. The

landlady also gave me a really kind and warm welcome, like we were friends.

In the morning, I had breakfast with the other guests. Here's some




This is called a "full English breakfast" but because I was in Scotland,

there was a special addition to the breakfast. Can you see the small,

grey, circular food in the middle of my plate? This is called Haggis.

It's made from sheep's heart, lungs, liver, beef or mutton fat, oatmeal,

and spices. It is traditionally covered in a lining of sheep's stomach

too. Would you be brave enough to try it? Actually, it tastes nicer than

it sounds!

I felt full to bursting after breakfast, so I spent the morning walking the

streets of Edinburgh to burn off some calories! As I walked, it seemed

appropriate to listen to my favourite Scottish band, Belle and Sebastian.

They are very popular in Japan as well, but if you haven't heard them yet,

I recommend trying to listen to them.

Let me show you some of the things I saw during my walk...

The view from North Bridge...


Royal Mile Indoor Market...



The Balcony Cafe inside The National Museum, where I had lunch. (The cafe

is on the left side of the balcony.)


You might be interested to know that though Scotland is part of the U.K.,

and the currency is also pounds, the bank noted look different from English

bank notes. Everything I bought, I received my change in Scottish bank

notes. You can see the difference in the currency in the picture at the

bottom of this article. (Scottish bank notes are on the right and English

bank notes are on the left.) I prefer Scottish bank notes because

they show places in Scotland as well as famous people. Do you recognise

the people on the English bank notes? (They are Queen Elizabeth the

Second, and Charles Darwin.) Incidentally, in both Scotland and England,

we've recently got new five pound notes. They are not made from paper,

they are plastic. Even if you put them in the washing machine by mistake,

they will not get damaged! What do you think about this kind of money?


Anyway, back to my story! After lunch, I had to go to George's Square at

the university, and this was my reason for going to Edinburgh. (Look at

the picture at the top of this article.) Yes, I tried the Japanese

proficiency test again! This time I took Level 1, the highest level. It

was soooooo hard! My vision started to blur and I got dizzy reading so

much Japanese! I doubt I have passed because I barely studied for this

exam. However, I am curious to know my Japanese ability without studying.

Also, it is better to try and fail than not try at all, isn't it? I'll get

my result in March so I'll let you know how it went then.

Though I was on my own the whole time, it was a very enjoyable weekend. I

hope this will motivate you to challenge new things too, and if so, please

do tell me about it.

Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️