A slice of British history and culture: an evening at the Sir HarrySmith Suite


Hi, everyone!

How are you today? Did you do anything nice last weekend? I have been

very busy. I'm sure you have been too.

On Sunday afternoon and evening, I was able to take a little break from

work. I was invited to attend a small get-together in Manchester. It was

held in a beautiful Victorian mansion that has been restored by an

acquaintance I have made recently. As I arrived at the mansion, the sun

was setting and you can see how pretty the sky looked, and how impressive

the building was...



The get-together was held in the Sir Harry Smith Suite in the mansion.

(There is a picture of Sir Harry Smith at the top of this article.) He

lived from 1787 ~ 1860 and though not many people know about him, he had an

active part in Britain's history. He fought many battles including The

Napoleonic Wars, he assisted in burning down The White House in Washington,

and he was also made Governor of various colonies such as South Africa.

However, he finally settled in Manchester, therefore, we are lucky to have

had such an important man living in the north of England. It felt amazing

to be sitting in his house! Look at how beautiful his suite is...



My acquaintance who restored this beautiful building treated us to mulled

wine (spiced hot wine which is usually drunk at Christmas), mince pies

(another traditional Christmas delicacy which you can see on the table in

the picture at the top of this article), and a talk about Sir Harry

Smith. It was a lovely, fascinating evening.

The man who restored this building is also passionate about Japan and is a

Japanese literature critic. The reason I was invited to his get-together

is I hope to hold an event about Japanese literature next year at the Sir

Harry Smith Suite, so I went to check the venue and discuss details of the

event. I am thrilled to say it looks like my event on Japanese literature

will indeed take place at the Sir Harry Smith Suite next April. I can't

wait to be in that beautiful building again next year!

How about you? Do you have anything to look forward to next year?

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you are all well, and I will

see everyone again next time. Until then, take care!

Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️