Christmas is coming!


Hi, everyone!

How are you? Have you had your first snow yet? It's not snowing here but

people are hoping for a White Christmas!

Are you preparing for Christmas? I think Christmas is quite relaxed and

low-key in Japan but it is the biggest event of the year in the U.K. It

can be very busy and stressful. I realised I've written almost 200

Christmas cards for colleagues, students, friends, and family this year.

We also buy presents for our friends and most members of the family too,

and often we buy more than one present for each person. It is usual to

wrap the presents ourselves. It's quite a tiring and expensive time of


However, whenever I go into the city, I get caught up in the festive

atmosphere. In two locations in Liverpool city centre, we have two big

Christmas trees. (You can see the traditional tree at the top of this

article and a more modern tree at the bottom of this article.) In

addition, images of snowflakes are being projected on the buildings in the

city. Have a look at the Liverpool radio broadcasting tower...


Of course there are illuminations around the city too. This is my


In two locations in the city, we have small Christmas markets where we can

drink mulled wine, eat hot food, and buy confectionary and small crafts.

Though I haven't drunk the wine nor bought anything here, I've

taken pictures of the bar and sweet stall for you...



Christmas is most exciting for children, and so there is also something in

Liverpool for children. At St. George's Hall, a grand hall that opened in

1854, there is a Dreamworks exhibitition at the moment. It holds over 150

giant lanterns in the shape of Dreamworks characters such as Kung Fu Panda,

Shrek, and so on. This lantern in particular catches everyone's eye when

they enter the city. Indeed, when my two-year-old niece sees it, she says



Well, I should go and wrap my Christmas presents for my family! I hope you

are enjoying Christmas preparations and you have a wonderful celebration.

Do you have any exciting plans? Please do tell me about your Christmas. I

will tell you about mine next time. Until then, take care, relax, and have


Best wishes to you all, from Corrina. ☺️