Happy Christmas from England!


Hi, everyone!


Have you had a nice, relaxing Christmas? What did Father Christmas (Santa

Claus) bring you?

In England, Christmas is like Japanese Oshogatsu: a lot of eating,

drinking, and relaxing. It's not so exciting! But, in fact, this year my

Christmas was a little different from usual...

On Boxing Day (December 26th), my family usually takes a walk on the nearby

beach, however, recently a big storm has passed us and the weather is

unreliable so I took my walk early on December 23rd with my friend. We

went to the red squirrel reserve in the pinewoods in my town. Here we

could walk through miles of pine trees, see endangered red squirrels, and

walk through the sand dunes. Here's a picture of us at the start of the



After the walk, I was ready for Christmas. On the night of Christmas Eve,

my parents made a simple meal and we pulled Christmas crackers. These are

a Christmas tradition. When we pull the cracker open, we can find a simple

gift, a paper hat, and a joke or fact. I got some measuring spoons for

cooking in my cracker. Have a look...


We then put out a mince pie (a pie filled with sweet dried fruit and

spices) for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph the reindeer. When I

woke up on Christmas Day, the first thing I did was check the mince pie and

carrot. Look what had happened...


This is evidence that Father Christmas and his reindeer had come to our

house overnight! Indeed, look at the presents that had appeared under the



Usually my family have Christmas lunch at home but this year our whole

family couldn't be together, so me, Mum, and Dad went out for Christmas

lunch. It was the first time we've ever done this. Of course we pulled

Christmas crackers and put on our Christmas hats when we were eating. Look

at me and Dad...


What do you think about our Christmas lunch...

Starter: Lobster and avocado salad...


Main: Roast turkey, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and stuffing...


Dessert: Christmas pudding (thick dried fruit cake) with brandy sauce...


After our massive meal, we came home and exchanged presents. (At the top

of this article you can see a picture of Mum and me before we opened our

presents.) My favourite presents from my parents were a John Lennon (who

was also born in Liverpool) T-shirt and book, and a novel about British

history. Thank you so very much Mum and Dad - the gifts suit me well!


Also, I would like to thank all my friends, especially those in Japan, for

thinking of me at Christmas and making such an effort to send wonderful

gifts. I can't express my gratitude in words, but perhaps the photo at the

bottom of this article of the gifts from Japan shows how pleased I was.


Thank you so much to everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing and peaceful

Christmas. I'm looking forward to hearing about what you did. Until next

time, take care and enjoy the festive season!

Best wishes, from Corrina.☺️