New Year Resolutions 2017


Hi, everyone!

How are you today? Did you have a nice weekend? Was it hard going back to

school and work after the holidays?!

My first week back at work was pretty good. I was really glad to speak to

my students and continue lessons with them. Thank you to everyone always.

So, have you made any new year resolutions? I decided that I want to send

1000 paper cranes to Hiroshima Peace Park this August to commemorate the

dropping of the A-bomb. Therefore, I have resolved to fold at least two

cranes every day. In fact, I need to fold more than that to reach my

target number, but for now, I only have time to do two or three a day.

Hopefully I can get some help from friends and family throughout the year...

The paper crane symbolises peace, and I have noticed that I feel peaceful

and calm when I fold the paper. It's become a kind of therapy for me each

night before I go to bed. I intend to keep this resolution to fold cranes

every day because I can give something to other people and as a result I

feel good in myself too.

How has this year started for you? Have you made any resolutions? I'm

looking forward to hearing about them...

Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️