A unique part of Liverpool's history.


Hi, everyone!

How are you? I heard it has been very cold and snowy in Japan lately. It

has been icy here too but not snowy.

Did you have a nice weekend? I had a day to myself on Saturday. Let me

tell you about it...

I went to a part of Liverpool called Port Sunlight. This is a village that

was built in 1888 by a man called William Hesketh Lever. He owned a soap

factory called Lever Brothers where they made "Sunlight Soap." (You can

see an advert for Sunlight Soap from the 19th century at the top of this


Over time, Lever Brothers expanded and became Unilever, one of the most

well-known companies in the world. These days Unilever is responsible for

manufacturing brands such as Vaseline, Flora, Simple, Dove, and many more.

William Hesketh Lever believed in "prosperity sharing". However,

instead of sharing the profits of his company with his workers, he decided

to build a village for them and give them reasonable houses,

good amenities, and welfare benefits. He believed that making his workers'

lives stable, comfortable, and satisfying would produce loyal, committed,

and effective work in the factory. The village he created was called Port

Sunlight and it was the first village of its kind.

Today if you visit Port Sunlight, it is like time has stopped. It is

quiet, peaceful, tranquil, and the houses and buildings remain in the same

way as when they were first built. Here are some of the things you can


Workers' houses...


The theatre...


The church...


The park...


William Hesketh Lever was also an enthusuastic collector of art and

he built an art gallery for his collections. He named it The Lady Lever

Art Gallery for his wife. Here it is...


The reason I went to Port Sunlight at the weekend is I am going to be

volunteering in the Unilever archives at Lever House for 10 weeks starting

this Friday. So, I wanted to check how to get there and get used to the

environment. I was so excited to see Lever House. It's very impressive

and I can't wait to start volunteering there. This is what it looks like...


After walking around the village, I stopped at the Tudor Rose Tearooms and

treated myself to a traditional Afternoon Tea...


I was able to choose the type of sandwich, cake, and tea. I had ham and

mango sandwiches, a scone with jam and fresh cream, and peach and apricot

tea. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day out.


I hope this article has shown you a different side to Liverpool. Please

come and visit me someday and let's explore Liverpool together! Until

then, please keep in touch.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you're all well. See you again next

time. Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️