Life begins at 40 (with a Funny Feet ice cream cake)!


Hi, everyone!

How are you? It has been a little warmer in Liverpool these last few

days. How about Japan?

Have you done anything fun recently? On Saturday we had a party for my

brother-in-law (my sister's husband). He has turned 40 and in Britain this

is an important age. Some people think that at the age of 40 we are "over

the hill" (we've reached our peak and now we're on our way down), however,

other people say "life begins at 40". I like this second way of thinking.

It's positive and gives us encouragement. Certainly, my brother-in-law

intends to think in this way.

For this special birthday, my sister decided to hold a surprise party at

their house. She invited around 30 people secretly and every room in her

house was full of relatives, friends, and children. Here's what

the kitchen alone looked like...


My sister cooked chili and I made Japanese rice to have with it. In

addition, my sister prepared jacket potatoes, tortilla chips, guacamole,

creme freche, grated cheese, and lime. People were then able to help

themselves in the kitchen. Does it look appetising?...


Of course, a birthday is not complete without a birthday cake! My sister

decided to make a unique one. Her husband loves ice cream and cake but it

is difficult to make a cake made of ice cream. So, my sister decided to

make a cake in the shape of her husband's favourite ice cream. This ice

cream is called "Funny Feet". I helped my sister a little when she made

the cake. Here are some pictures during the process...

Starting to cut the foot shape...

Adding some toes and colour...

Adding more shape and colour...

The final "Funny Feet" cake with its ice cream stick...

It is identical to the real Funny Feet ice cream. Isn't my sister

talented?! Indeed, her husband was so impressed and enjoyed blowing out

the candles and cutting the cake. (You can see a picture of him at the top

of this article.) Everyone enjoyed the cake - it was light, fluffy,

and delicious.

It was a very successful party thanks to my sister, with a little help from

some others. In fact, even my niece got into the spirit of things and

helped in her own little kitchen...!


I wish my brother-in-law a very happy birthday and hope for all those other

people who are turning 40 that your life will take a positive turn and you

will continue to have fun adventures and days full of smiles.

Thank you for reading this. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again

next week. Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️