Children's lives in wartime Japan exhibition in Manchester

Hi, everyone!

How are you today? I heard it snowed in Japan last week. How about this

Have you done anything nice since last time? On Wednesday night I was
invited by people from Manchester University to the special launch event of
an exhibition. It was held in Manchester Central Library, a beautiful
classical building constructed between 1930 and 1934...


I was invited to the launch event as a member of a voluntary group called
JETAA (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni Association). You can
see a picture of me and another member of our JETAA group at the top of
this page.

The exhibition displayed diaries written by primary school children who
were evacuated from Tokyo during World War II. The diaries document what
it was like for children to be evacuated during the war. Before we looked
at the actual diaries, we watched a DVD about them. It turns out the
children were evacuated from Tokyo to Fukumitsu in Toyama because it was
thought the countryside would be safer than the big city. This was amazing
for me to listen to because I used to live in Toyama. At the exhibition,
there was a lady who had been evacuated and had written one of the diaries.
(She said s going to be 82 years old this year.) It was very moving to
hear her speak of her memories of the war.

After the introductory DVD and speeches, we looked at the diaries which
were displayed in glass cabinets around the library. Here are a couple of
the displays...



There was also a reception with wine and nibbles (food we can eat with our
fingers) so we had the chance to talk to other people who'd attended the
event during that time...


It was a very eye-opening and thought-provoking exhibition, and I am very
grateful to the people at Manchester University for inviting me to it. I
learned a lot about Japan that night and felt lucky to be included in the
experience of the exhibition launch event.

Have you done anything interesting or educational lately? Please do tell
me about it.

Thank you for reading this. Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from
Corrina. ☺️