Sisterly love and gratitude around Valentine's Day

Hi, everyone!

How are you today? I hope you are all well and having a nice week.

February 14th was Valentine's Day, wasn't it? How did you celebrate? In
Japan it is the custom for girls and women to give chocolate to boys and
men, isn't it? You also give chocolate to friends, colleagues, and
family. This is not the custom in Britain. In fact, originally it was a
Roman festival that we British have adopted over time.

Traditionally in Britain, only boys or men give a greeting card and a gift,
for example, chocolate and / or flowers, to girls or women. However,
these days some girls and women also like to give Valentine's cards and
gifts to boys and men. When we give a Valentine's card, it is the custom
not to sign the sender's name on the card. It makes it mysterious and
exciting. This is a romantic custom though so cards and gifts are not
given to family, friends, and colleagues.

However, I lived in Japan for a long time so I have decided to bring a
little bit of Japanese culture to Britain. I like to use Valentine's Day
as a chance to say thank you to my family. Last year I made chocolate
truffles for them. This year I decided to make cakepops. Do you know what
a cakepop is? It looks like a lollipop, but instead of candy on the stick,
a cake is put on the stick. It's become popular in Britain. I couldn't
make them beautifully nor perfectly, but I gave them to my parents and
sister anyway. My sister in particular seemed pleased...


Also, my sister gave me a beautiful bunch of yellow roses. (You can see a
picture at the top of this article.) To be honest, the roses weren't for
Valentine's Day. My sister wanted to say thank you because I helped her
prepare for her husband's 40th birthday party. (I wrote about the party on
this blog two weeks ago.) Indeed, I had also wanted to show my gratitude
to my sister because she has supported me during difficult times since I
returned to Britain. I appreciate her kindness and love so much.

I think my sister could have enjoyed more cakepops if my niece had not
found them first...!


I am glad I could do something for my family for Valentine's Day. I hope
you all had a wonderful time too. I would love to hear about your
Valentine's Day celebrations so please tell me when you have time.

Thank you for reading this. I will look forward to seeing you all next
time. Until then, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️