A weekend in London: a mixture of Japanese and British friends, food,culture, and architecture


Hi everyone!

How are you? Did you have a nice weekend?

I was scheduled to go to London on Thursday, however, a massive storm

crossed the U.K. and all the trains were cancelled. I had to wait until

Friday to take my trip, and I came back safely on Sunday night.

I think in Japan you count storms with numbers, however, in the U.K. we

give our storms names. The first storm of the year is given a name

starting with "A", the second storm of the year is given a name starting

with "B", the next storm's name starts with "C", etc. etc. The name of the

storm on Thursday was Doris. This means it was the fourth storm this

year. Incidentally, my grandmother's name was Doris!

I arrived in London safely on Friday morning and immediately went to meet

some Japanese acquaintances. We ate at a Japanese restaurant called Miyama

which is run by Japanese people and is very authentic. Here is a picture

of the restaurant and my tonkatsu teishoku...



After lunch, I met another Japanese friend at Notting Hill. One of the

reason's this place is famous is because of the film called Notting Hill

with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Have you seen it? Actually, I've

never seen it! With my friend, I walked down Portobello Road and saw the

famous Portobello Road Market. Here are some pictures of it...




We then took a break for Afternoon Tea. I had carrot cake and a hot apple

drink which had a stick of cinnamon in it. It was so yummy! 


In the evening we took various trains to get to an area of London that has

lots of Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. We chose a Vietnamese place and

each got a huge bowl of noodles and a Vietnamese beer. Here we are

enjoying it...


I was having lots of fun, but the purpose of my trip was to attend a

meeting on Saturday and Sunday. The meeting was for members of the

committee of JETAA (an Alumni Association for people who have worked as

ALTs or for local governments in Japan). We discussed how to help people

who come back to the U.K. after living in Japan. We hope to support these

people, and give them a bit of Japanese culture in the U.K. too. I was the

newest member of the committee and I didn't know anyone so I was nervous.

I was also daunted because the meeting place was near Trafalgar Square.

All the buildings are so big and it's a really busy area. I thought I was

going to get lost! Here's what you can see when you get out of The Tube

(the underground station) when you arrive at Trafalgar Square...



After the first day of the meeting, we of course went out to eat, and we

went to a Japanese Izakaya. I was so pleased to be able to have one of my

favourite Japanese drinks there...


Here is a picture of our group after we'd finished the drink...!


The second day of the meeting finished in the afternoon so my British

friend met me afterwards and showed me some more sights of London. We ate

lunch in a small, very authentic Japanese restaurant and I had oyakodon.

We look happy after eating, don't we?!...


We then went to The Japan Centre. This is a place that sells lots of

Japanese food and is very popular. It was quite pricey but I couldn't stop

putting things into my basket for my family! You can see a picture of me

outside the Japan Centre at the top of this article, but here's a picture

of inside...



Finally, we went to the National Portrait Gallery but we only had about 30

minutes to look around (really you need much longer than that) and then I

had to go to the station to go home. During our walk, I saw something



This is Yoda from Star Wars. (I'm a big fan of Yoda!) Can you see that he

is floating in the air? How did the person who is inside the costume float

in the air?! I'll let you wonder about that...!

Thank you to everyone who made my weekend so wonderful. Thank you also to

you all for reading this long article. I hope you enjoyed it and I will

look forward to hearing about your weekend too.

Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️