Hinamatsuri in Liverpool


Hi everyone!

How are you? Has March started smoothly for you? What have you been doing


As for me, it was International Women's Day on March 8th, so I decided to

use a bit of Japanese culture to celebrate this day and held a Hinamatsuri

for my sister and my friends. Though Hinamatsuri is traditionally Girls

Day, I decided to invite boys to our celebration too, however, the rule was

everyone had to wear something pink.

I held the Hinamatsuri at my friends' Board Game Cafe in Liverpool.

Without their help, this event would not have been possible. They kindly

opened their cafe on their day off. (Actually, I've written about these

friends before. They are the couple whose wedding I went to last October.)

First, we set up the tables and put some Hinamatsuri decorations in the



Next, we made a simple chirashizushi. I'm sorry, I forgot to take a

picture of it, but we used 1 kilo of rice so you can imagine it was a huge

chirashizushi! Everyone then helped themselves to toppings. We had crab,

salmon, tuna, prawns, cucumber, avocado, egg, and nori. You can see a

picture of everyone getting stuck in at the top of this article. Here is a

picture of my chirashizushi...


I know! It's not beautifully presented and the nori was too thick,

however, it tasted great! You will also notice a sake cup in the picture.

I bought the sake from the Japan Centre last month and everyone seemed to

enjoy it. Yay!

After the chirashizushi, we cooked another kilo of rice(!) and taught

people how to make makizushi. Here is my sister and her friend doing



As if all this wasn't yummy enough, our hosts then gave everyone a homemade

cupcake from their cafe. Of course these were pink to celebrate



We couldn't go to a Board Game Cafe without playing games so to finish off

the night we split into groups and had a try at a sushi card game. The

idea of the game was to go round the group and collect sushi, like when you

go to kaitenzushi. You then got points for how many sushi you collected.

Here are some of the cards I collected during the game. The pictures are

cute, aren't they?!


As you can see from my cards, I have a sweet tooth! I got too geeedy

though and collected too many desserts so I lost points!! We had lots of

fun though...


I would say the whole evening was a success. It was very international too

as we had people from not only Britain and Japan, but also Germany and

Romania too. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about different

countries whilst bringing a bit of Japanese culture to Britain. Everyone

said they'll definitely go back to the cafe again and we all agreed that we

want to have more events like this one.

As I said earlier, it wouldn't have happened without the cafe owners'

effort, kindness, and generosity. I can't express how grateful I am for

everything they did, but we enjoyed a big thank you hug at the end of the



I hope you enjoyed our Hinamatsuri. Thank you for reading about it. I

will looking forward to hearing your Hinamatsuri stories too.

Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️