London Part 1: a bit of Japan in England


Hi everyone!

How have you been? Are the cherry blossoms coming out yet?

Last week I was in London...again! Despite being in England, I felt a lot

of Japanese culture during my trip. Let me tell you about it.

I went down to London on Tuesday to attend an event at a place called The

Daiwa Foundation. It is located near the famous Regents Park, and is along

this beautiful street...


The event was a talk about love and desire in Japanese literature. If I'm

honest, I was not deeply interested in the topic, however, I know Dr.F,

the man who gave the talk. He's from Manchester, which is quite near

Liverpool. The talk was actually really good and very entertaining at

times. Dr. F is a really good speaker. Here he is...


After the talk, there was a casual wine reception and during that time I

met someone who, surprisingly, lived in Mihara at the same time as me. In

fact, this person has the same friends as me, but we are not sure if we

ever met in Mihara. Neither of us live in London so what a funny

coincidence to meet there! Indeed, what a small world this is!

The next day, I had a slow day with my friend. She took me to a beautiful

gallery called The Wallace Collection because she knew I'd like that style

of art. She was right! A lot of the collection was French and it reminded

me of Versailles in Paris. Have you ever been there? If not, I recommend

it. I also recommend The Wallace Collection in London. Look at how

beautiful some of the rooms in the gallery are...


After the gallery, we decided to take a break and got some food and drinks

and went to Regents Park. We walked through the pretty park...



And then noticed the cherry blossoms are already in bloom so we enjoyed a

bit of hanami too...


That evening I met a lady from The Embassy of Japan and we ate dinner at an

izakaya. As my friend is well-known, the owner of the restaurant came and

joined us. (You can see a picture of us at the top of this article.) The

owner recommended some chef special's...




I liked the suzuki and myoga in ponzu dish in particular. Of course

us ladies wanted dessert too, and I was so happy to be able to eat green

tea ice cream! I went back to my friend's flat (apartment) very satisfied.


I didn't have any plans in particular the next day so I decided to take a

walk by myself down some famous streets: Tottenham Court Road, Shaftsbury

Avenue, and Regent Street. Here is a picture of the latter. It's

beautiful, isn't it?


During my walk, I went into Muji, Uniqlo, and The Japan Centre. (I wrote

with some Japanese souvenirs for myself and my family...


I know, Anna Sui is not Japanese! In fact, a friend kindly gave me

the body spray in the picture because she knows I love Anna Sui! I fell in

love with Anna Sui when I was in Japan so her products always remind me of

shopping there, especially in Hiroshima.

Finally, you all know I have a sweet tooth so what better way to finish my

time in London than to go to a matcha cafe?! I went with a very new

acquaintance who also used to live in Japan but we met for the first time

in London last month. Her mother is Japanese but she grew up in New

Zealand so it was very interesting to talk to her about both cultures. She

treated me to a matcha frappe and a matcha and purple potato cake. Here's

a picture of my cake and you can see a picture of us girls at the end of

this article...



I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped make my stay in London

so exciting and fun. You know I miss Japan and thanks to you I could feel

a bit of Japanese culture here. Your kindness and generosity is truly


I haven't actually written about my main purpose for going to London.

You'll have to wait a bit for that! Thank you for reading this article,

and I'll see you next week for part 2!

Until then, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️