A cultural day in Liverpool


Hi everyone,

How are you today? How was the first week back at school? In Britain,

children still have one more week of Easter holiday.

During the Easter holiday, I've had two special experiences so far. Today,

let me tell you about one of these things...

A Japanese woman came to Liverpool to attend a conference and whilst she

was working I had to take care of her daughter. Her daughter is 13 and it

was her first time to travel to this country so it was important to show

her many cultural things. Of course we had Afternoon Tea because this is

part of traditional British culture. The tea parlour we went to is

on Mathew Street in Liverpool. This is a very famous street because it is

where The Beatles used to play their music. For privacy reasons, I

couldn't take pictures with the girl, however, here are some pictures from

the tea parlour...




I loved the decor and the food was great! Also, on the wall near our

table there was a proverb which I really liked. I took a picture and you

can see it at the top of this article. (By the way, "Scouser" is the word

used for a person from Liverpool.)

After eating, we then went to The World Museum in Liverpool city centre.

As well as going to the aquarium, looking at exhibits about space, and

seeing some dinosaur remains, that day there was also a special event at

the museum called "Discover Islam". I don't know about Islamic culture so

it was a new experience for me too. We could learn about Muslim art,

Arabic language, eat some authentic dishes, and also try some traditional

accessories. We decided to try henna. This is a kind of paste that is

used to decorate women's skin. A lady drew flowers on our hands using the

henna paste. Look at mine...


Afterwards, we learnt how to write our names in Arabic. The interesting

thing about Arabic is words and sentences are written from right to left,

whereas in English we write from left to right. After writing my name, I

also learnt how to write my sister's name and my niece's name. I think it

looks beautiful...


At the end of the day, my head felt full of many cultural things! It was a

fantastic experience, and I'm pleased to say the girl and her mum would

like to keep in touch with me. This was an added bonus. In fact, the girl

and her mum were as generous and appreciative as Japanese people always

are, and they gave me a souvenir from their hometown, Kagawa. Can you

guess what the souvenir was? Udon of course! One of my favourites, yay!

So, have you had any interesting cultural experiences recently? Please do

tell me about them.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed learning about some other

cultures. Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️