Happy Easter!


Hi everyone,

How are you? Have you been enjoying the cherry blossoms? At the weekend,

families across Britain enjoyed celebrating Easter. Let me tell you about


During the school Easter holiday, I had been coaching special sessions at

the gymnastics club. I made the sessions Easter-themed so whilst the

children did their gymnastics they imagined various Easter characters and

symbols: the Easter Bunny, chicks, lambs, Easter eggs, and so on. At

Easter, children receive chocolate in the shape of eggs, rabbits, or other

spring animals, and it is common to make the children hunt for

the chocolate. At the end of the gym session I hid some chocolate

"rabbits" around the gymnasium and the children hunted for it: they looked

so excited when they found the chocolate!

Unfortunately, I have to give up some of those gymnastics classes after

Easter, and so one little boy and his family gave me a beautiful bunch of

tulips as a thank you / goodbye present. I was so grateful and was moved

to tears. The flowers are really typical of the Easter season so I've put

a picture of them at the top of this article. Thank you so much to my

gymnasts: they've been wonderfully fun to coach and I won't forget them.

Friday 14th was Good Friday, which I wrote about in a previous article. It

is a national holiday in England so my sister and I took the opportunity to

have some relaxing sister time together. Recently it was my birthday so my

sister treated me to a day out at a spa. We had two treatments each (I had

a facial and a body scrub) and afterwards we had a bento lunch with a glass

of prosecco. I thought you'd be interested to see what a British-style

bento looks like...



It is traditional to have fish on Good Friday so I chose a salmon wrap with

a goats cheese and beetroot salad for my bento. I also like lemon so I

decided to have lemon tart for dessert. It was all lovely.

After lunch we used the spa, sauna, and steam room. I'm not used to this

kind of place but enjoyed having the chance to chat with my sister.

The next day, Easter Saturday, my sister's family came to our house and we

did an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden for my 2 year old niece. She wore the

traditional Easter bonnet and had an Easter basket to put the chocolate

in. My sister hid lots of chocolate around the garden and my niece looked

so excited when she discovered something, especially when she found the

biggest egg...


Because she is still very young, she shouldn't eat a lot of chocolate so we

encouraged her to give some to other members of the family...


After the hunt, my mum and dad made a big buffet lunch for us...


It was followed by a special Easter dessert...


This cake is panettone, an Italian dessert with dried fruits inside, but it

was special because it was made to have a cross on it. This mimicked the

traditional Easter bread, hot cross bun...


The cross on this bread represents the cross that Jesus died on, and it is

a symbol of Easter because this is when Christians remember when Jesus died

and came back to life. I love hot cross buns! They taste good when you

toast them and put some butter on. Traditionally, hot cross buns have

dried fruit and cinnamon in them but recently we can get cherry and almond,

chocolate and orange, apple, and Earl Grey tea flavour. I like cherry

and almond the best and made sure I ate one during the Easter holiday!

After lunch, we exchanged Easter presents. I love dark chocolate so my

sister got me some dark chocolate "chicks" and my parents got me a dark

chocolate Easter Egg. Yum yum! I'll have to eat them little by little so

I don't put on too much weight...!


Because we'd eaten a big Easter lunch, we needed to burn some calories so

my mum and I took my niece for a walk. Recently a family of ducks has

brought its ducklings to a tiny stream near our house. It seemed

appropriate to go and feed these newborns during Easter because it is the

season of rebirth. My niece really enjoyed getting some food and giving it

to the ducks. You should be able to see the ducklings at the back of this



All in all, it was a great Easter, a mix of traditional and new

activities. It's back to work this week though! I hope you have had a

nice spring holiday too. What were your best memories? Please do tell me

about them.

Thank you for reading this. Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from

Corrina. ☺️