I was elected as Chairperson of JETAA North West


Hi everyone,

How have things been going? Is the cherry blossom season over, or are

still enjoying the pretty flowers and delicious sakura-flavour sweets and


As for me, I have been making progress with my volunteer work. I have been

part of JETAA (the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni

Association) for about a year and a half, and I joined the JETAA North

West committee about 6 months ago. I have written about some of our

activities and events on this blog. Through the Alumni Association, I have

met some nice people who used to teach English in Japan but now live in the

UK, and some of them have really helped to motivate me and enjoy my life

here. (Please look at my previous articles about the fairytale wedding,

the shinnenkai, and the hinamatsuri for example.)

Recently, I held a meeting for us Alumni in the North West of the UK. I

decided to hold it in a new cafe that none of us had been to before. It

was quite an unusual place because it sold Asian food, English-style

breakfasts, British Afternoon Tea, Chinese cakes, foreign beers, sparkling

wine, a vast amount of teas from around the world, and

freshly-ground coffee too. I have a sweet tooth so of course I chose to

eat cake, and the tea I had was mint chocolate flavour. Here's a picture...


The atmosphere was calm and relaxing and the service was good. The cake

was so light and delicious and though it was Chinese it really reminded me

of Japanese baking. (I miss Japanese sweets!) The tea was very refreshing

too. I was pleased with my choice of cafe and think our meetings will be

held there again in the future.

At the meeting, we put together a new committee. (You can see a picture of

us at the top of this article.) I was very lucky to be elected as

Chairperson of the committee. It is a big responsibility but I am looking

forward to putting together many fun events for us Alumni and our friends

and family this year. Our next event is next weekend so I will tell you

all about it then. In the meantime, please do let me know what

exciting things you've been doing.

Thank you, as always, for reading this. I hope you're well and I'll see

you next time.

Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️