A sisters day out in Manchester


Hi everyone!

How are you today? Are you looking forward to Golden Week? We don't have

Golden Week in England but we did have a long weekend between April 28th

and May 1st. I started it with a day out in Manchester with my sister.

Let me tell you about it...

We started the day at an Australian and New Zealand cafe for brunch. I had

avocado, bacon, and poached eggs on sourdough bread with a peach bellini

cocktail. It's was a great way to start the day...


We then went to a Victorian mansion to hear a talk about Natsume Soseki.

It was really interesting and gave us all something to think about

regarding Soseki's career and writing. The speaker was Dr. F, who I have

written about before. Here is a picture of him starting his talk...


He also explained to us the history behind the beautiful mansion, and

afterwards we had an informal wine reception where we could talk to him and

the other guests more. From these pictures, you can see the beautiful

style of the room...



It was sad to leave such incredible surroundings but my sister and I then

had a dinner appointment. We went to a little izakaya called Yuzu. The

atmosphere of the restaurant really reminded me of small, traditional

izakaya in Japan. Here's my sister standing outside...


We enjoyed some yuzu sake as well as some award-winning nihonshu from

Yamagata. You can see a picture of me and my sister in the izakaya at the

top of this article, but here's me enjoying my drink...


To end the day, we went to a live music concert. In Britain, we tend to

call these kind of performances "a gig". The man we went to see is called

Michael Kiwanuka...


His music is beautiful and calming, I think. It always reminds me of

someone I've known for a long time in Hiroshima, and also of Mr. K in Oyabe

who passed away. I felt tears in my eyes when I heard Michael Kiwanuka

play because it brought back so many memories. His words also gave me

encouragement and strength for the future.

So, that was my special day off. How are you going to spend Golden Week?

I can't wait to hear all about it!

Thank you for reading this. I'm looking forward to next time. Until then,

take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️