A huge thank you to Mrs K


Hi everyone,

How are you today? It was a bank holiday weekend in England last week.

(That means Monday was a day off.) So, lots of people enjoyed a long

weekend of relaxation and sun. How about you? Have you done anything nice


You may have heard that there was an explosion in Manchester last week. It

was close to Liverpool so it was quite a shock for us. Thankfully, my

family, friends, and acquaintances are safe, but let's say a prayer for

those who were injured or killed in the attack.

Just at the time of the attack, I received a parcel from Mrs K. When I

went to Japan for the first time, Mrs K was my supervisor at the elementary

school I worked at. She was so kind and funny and really took care of me.

She made my life in Toyama a joy.

Though I moved around the country after that, Mrs K and I stayed in touch

for the whole 14 years I was in Japan. She was there to support me during

every step I made and I went back to Toyama to see her every year without

fail. We went shopping and drinking together and also had some nice day

trips. She always sent me amazing gifts like this one...


It's a 17 kilo watermelon from Nyuzen in Toyama. In the Japanese summer it

was just what I needed!

Mrs K really did become like a mother to me. Indeed, she often said "I'm

always your Japanese mother". Telling her I was leaving Japan was one of

the hardest things I had to do. In fact, Mrs K refused to say goodbye to

me because it was just too sad. I was also devastated at having to part

from her.

Since coming back to England I have contacted Mrs K on her birthday and at

Christmas but she didn't respond. I understood her reason for this. It

was terribly sad to separate from each other. But like magic, she suddenly

sent me a parcel after two years of silence! The timing was perfect

because it was just when something so sad had happened in Manchester:

having contact from Mrs K made me so happy again.

As usual, she sent me a wonderful gift. She had made two washi collage

pictures for me. She must have spent so long making them. I appreciate

her love and effort from the bottom of my heart. I want to send so much

love and gratitude back to her. You can see a picture of me holding the

collages at the top of this article but here are two close up pictures so

you can see the details of her art...



I hope I can go back to Toyama someday to thank Mrs K in person but for now

this article is the best I can do. Mrs K, we're separated by distance but

connected in our hearts: you'll always be my Japanese mother.

Thank you for reading this. Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from

Corrina. ☺️