A Japanese-style send off


Hi everyone,

How are you? It's been warm and humid here lately. How about Japan? Is

summer approaching?

Summer is one of the main times ALTs (Assistant Language Teacher) go over

to Japan to teach English in Japanese public schools, and this year is no

different. As Chair of JETAA (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni

Association) in the North West, it is my job to contact new ALTs in this

region and help them before they leave the UK.

On Saturday night I gathered a handful (about 5) alumni and a handful of

new ALTs and we had a Japanese meal together in Liverpool. We ate various

dishes, drank Japanese beer and sake, and talked and talked about life in

Japan. You can see a picture of us at the top of this article.

After the meal, we went to a couple of bars and, coincidentally, we bumped

into (met by chance) two Japanese women who live in Liverpool now. One of

these women is from Sapporo, and one of our new ALTs is going to be working

in Sapporo so it was an unbelievable coincidence! We exchanged contact

details with these women so I hope I will have more chances to talk to

them. It always makes me happy to meet Japanese people in Liverpool.

At the end of the night, I gave everyone in our group a small souvenir of

senbei, mochi, and Japanese candy to say thank you for attending. I picked

up this custom in Japan and I think it is so important to be grateful to

other people. Thank you Japan for teaching me this.

I think all of the new ALTs had a great time and feel very excited to be

going to Japan. I was glad to be able to do something fun for them and I

will continue to support them until they fly to Japan at the end of July.

I wish I could hide in their suitcase and go with them...!

On a sad note, there was another terrorist attack in England at the

weekend. This time it was in London. A prayer goes out to all those


Please take care of yourselves. I hope you are well and I will look

forward to seeing you next time. Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️