A dream come true at Dreamland!


Hi everyone,

How are you today? I heard that though it's the rainy season it's not

raining much in Japan. How funny! Likewise, it is sunny and warm here in


I must apologise for not being able to write an article for this blog last

week. It was because of technology problems but luckily those have been

fixed now. So, let me tell you about something amazing that happened


I took a short holiday by myself from June 9th to 11th. I travelled from

Liverpool down to Whitstable which is on the south east coast of England.

It took 7 hours by train. However, it was definitely worth the time and

effort. I stayed in an attic room of a house and from the window I could

see a big golf course and the beach was also only a 15 minute walk away.

The architecture in the town was cute and the atmosphere was calm.

The family I stayed with were really warm and laid back so I felt relaxed

and happy straightaway.

The purpose of my trip was to go to a music festival made by my favorite

singer Damon Albarn. It was held in Margate, a famous seaside resort on

the coast, so after a wonderful homemade breakfast from my host, I took a

short train journey there. My mum's mum used to take her husband and

children (including my mum) to Margate every year for their holiday. It

was my first time to go though and it was lovely to walk the streets and

imagine my mum playing there when she was a child. As I walked around, I

saw beautiful old architecture...


A vast beach and clean sea...



And an interesting statue on the pier...


It was then time to go to the festival. It was held at Dreamland, a big

fairground in Margate. (The picture at the top of this article was taken

at Dreamland.) People could enjoy the fairground attractions as well as

the music...



I waited all day for the headlining group, Gorillaz. They are an anime

band that Damon Albarn created. For over 15 years it has been one of my

mini dreams to see Gorillaz play live and I was so pleased to be able to

fulfill this dream. The music was incredible and I was standing right at

the front so when Damon came nearby I could touch his hand. My whole body

went to jelly at that time and I felt like a teenager again. What an

amazing feeling! It seemed fitting that I realised one of my dreams at a

place called Dreamland!

I couldn't sleep that night because of the excitement and I felt groggy the

next day, however, my cousin and her family live near Whitstable so they

came to see me and they gave me so much energy! We walked along the

harbour and bought fresh prawns from the fish market...



We then went round Whitstable castle together and sat chatting in the

pretty gardens...




We skimmed stones along the sea at the pebbly beach...


And finally, we had an Italian lunch together...


It was a lovely way to finish a great weekend. I then had to do the 7 hour

train journey back to Liverpool though! I was exhausted and slept almost

all the way home but it was a very happy tiredness.

How about you? Have you done anything nice lately? Thank you for reading

this. I hope you are all well and I will look forward to seeing you again

next time. Until then, take care!

Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️