Happy Birthday to my sister!


Hi everyone,

How are you today? Has the rainy season passed yet? It is warm and sunny


On Sunday it was my sister's birthday. There was a little event happening

in Liverpool on that day so she decided to ask our friends to go there and

we had a mini celebration. Let me tell you about it...

The event was held in the garden of a place called The Bluecoat. There was

live music...


Crafts such as flower arrangement...


Also, plenty of fun activities for children, for example, face painting...


It was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere to spend time in, and I was pleased

that some of my Japanese friends also joined us...


Afterwards, I went back to my sister's house where we had celebration

drinks. (You can see a picture of us together at the top of this article.)

Her husband and I then helped her to make Mexican tostadas for dinner. It

was the first time for me to eat it. It consisted of a tortilla filled

with minced beef, kidney beans, yellow peppers, guacamole, and cheese...


We then folded the tortilla in order to eat it...


It was delicious and easy to make so I recommend it for anyone who likes

trying new food.

It was a lovely day and I was so pleased I could help my sister enjoy her

birthday. She looked happy and relaxed so that made me happy too.

How about you? Have you had anything to celebrate lately? I would love to

hear about it...

Thank you for reading this. Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from

Corrina. ☺️