The World of Anna Sui


Hi everyone,

How are you today? Has the summer holiday started there? Do you have any

nice plans?

Last weekend I went to London for a meeting with people who had lived and

worked in Japan. However, I decided to take advantage of being in London

and searched for interesting things to do. By chance, there was an

exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum showing exhibits of work

by Anna Sui. She is my favourite fashion designer so I was absolutely over

the moon (extremely happy) to see the exhibition!

As well as telling us how Anna Sui became a fashion designer, the museum

also held exhibits of the clothes she'd designed...



Displays of boots she'd designed...


And cabinets of her cosmetics and accessories...


In addition, each gallery was scented using Anna Sui perfumes. The first

room I went into was scented with the perfume I use. It's name is Sui

Dreams, and there was an explanation of this perfume in the gallery...


Do you think the explanation matches my character??!

Of all the exhibits, I had two favourites.

1. The fabric, colours, and details of these clothes, tights, and boots are

so beautifully detailed and incredibly intricate...


2. The colours and combination of this shirt, skirt, and caridigan is so



The exhibition was titled "The World of Anna Sui", and I certainly felt I

was in another world. Did you know we can't buy Anna Sui clothes in the

shops in the UK? So, this exhibition was very special for me. In fact, I

was so happy that I cried! I've decided I'll have to go back to Japan

someday to buy some Anna Sui clothes!

Finally, I'd like to say a huge thank you to Mrs N (who used to be Miss S

but she got married last year) who was the first person to get me

interested in Anna Sui in Hiroshima. I hope we can talk about Anna Sui

together again someday.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you are well and I will look forward to

seeing you again next week. Until then, take care! Best wishes, from

Corrina. ☺️