A little bit of Japan and England


Hi everyone,

How are you today? I heard that a typhoon came to Japan recently. Are you

all alright?

How are you spending your summer holidays? Last weekend my sister's

husband went away on a short trip so I decided to keep her company. We did

some cooking together in the evening. I made chirashi zushi and my niece

helped me "decorate" the rice with egg, crab, and mange tout. Then my

sister made yakitori. What do you think of our cooking?...


The next day, we went to a cafe near Penny Lane. I think you will know

Penny Lane because it is the name of a Beatles song. At the cafe, I ate

something for the first time. It's called a pikelet. I hadn't heard of it

before but someone told me pikelets are becoming popular in England. It's

very difficult to describe because it's different to everything I know.

However, it's a little similar to a small pancake. I had it with rhubarb

and vanilla jam and a portion of prunes marinaded in earl grey tea. I also

ordered "twinkle twinkle tea" which contained lemongrass, chamomile, and

coriander. It was all delicious. Would you like to try it too?...


When we came back from the cafe, we watched the cartoon "tonari no

totoro". I heard that my niece sometimes watches this cartoon in

Japanese. On the day we watched it together, she started singing "arukou

arukou, watashi ha genki". These are lyrics from the cartoon soundtrack.

How wonderful that my two-year old niece is absorbing Japanese!

It was a nice, relaxing weekend. I hope you had time to rest too. Thank

you for reading this. I'm looking forward to next time. Until then, take


Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️