A fairytale wedding:おとぎの国(イギリス)の結婚式 前編


Hi, everyone!

How are you today? It's been getting colder in England. How about Japan?

Did you do anything nice last weekend? I went to my friends' wedding.

Back in June, I wrote on this blog about a dinner event I went to for

people who had lived in Japan. At that dinner, I met a fantastic couple

and I've been lucky enough to become friends with them. Though I've known

them only a short time, I was honored to be invited to their wedding. Let

me tell you about it...

The wedding was held on a farm. First, the bride and groom exchanged vows

and signed the marriage register. They were both so happy and emotional,

it was beautiful and moving to see such love. At the top of this article,

you can see a picture of the happy couple walking down the aisle in the

barn of the farm. (Because we were in a barn, some of the seats for guests

were made from hay! Can you see?)

Next, everyone went outside and the guests were given Pimms, a traditional

British summer drink, and an ice cream. We could walk around the farm and

see various animals for example llamas, donkeys, and so on. Here's a

picture of the ice cream stall and a llama...



There was also a bouncy castle in the field which even adults liked to play

on. (I was too busy eating and drinking to play though!) For those people

who don't know, this is a bouncy castle...


After having some fun, we guests made a line and threw confetti at the

bride and groom. We also took lots of pictures as a big group together.

Inside the barn, there was a big picture frame that the bride had made.

All the guests took a Polaroid photo behind this frame and then put it in

the guest book with a message. Here is my photo....


The photo I took was with a lady from Ghana. The bride and groom have not

only lived in Japan but also other countries in the world. There were

people at the wedding from Germany, Japan, Spain, Africa, America, and

Sweden there. I think I am the bride and groom's newest friend so I didn't

know anyone at the wedding but there were plenty of guests and I made some

new friends thanks to being invited to the wedding.

To be continued...

Until next time, take care! Best wishes, from Corrina. ☺️